Browsing the Internet on Ubuntu 13.04.

As with any modern operating system Ubuntu 13.04 has many options for accessing the Internet. One of the ways to access the Internet is to browse the Web. Ubuntu 13.04 comes with Firefox as the default web browser. For those of you that are not familiar with Firefox, it is similar to Internet Explorer on the Windows operating system. This short post will show you how to get started browsing the web with the Firefox web browser on Ubuntu 13.04.

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How to set the Date & Time on Ubuntu 13.04

After Installing Ubuntu 13.04 you may want to change your date and time to reflect a different time zone or just simply change it due to it being incorrect. Having an accurate date and time is important for your computer because it helps with logging information and communicating with other computers such as when accessing the Internet. This tutorial will show you two methods of changing your date and time on your Ubuntu operating system. These two methods are the graphical user interface (GUI) and the terminal.

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